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Found this secret spot in LA yesterday.
That way! #WaywardSommelier
Cycling Yosemite
Charlotte and Zophia.
Smells like freedom. Highway 41
Found an actual river while cycling in L.A. today.
Daily kit. #sommelier
I finally got to crack open one of these icons. Can anyone name the grape?
Winemaker Jean-Luc Colombo in a glass of his own cotes du Rhone blanc.
As she began, so she ends. Thank you, Thursday for letting me drink every rare unctuous drop you offered.
Jesus from Portugal says, have another.

Wine maker #2 for the day. Met with Baptiste Cuvelier of France/Argentina for a tasting of the full line. Completely interested in the “Earthquake Harvest” 09. It’s relevant.

Trés Francais. Cote Rotie and braised veal. #winemakerslunch #spago

Yesterday’s tasting lineup from Regal Wine Co.

Dizzying decent from Jacinto. Palm Springs