A chronicle of adventures and musings of an oenophile, gastronomer and raconteur.

Road trips, ghost towns, classic motorcycles, wine adventures, regrettably fancy cocktails, & too much good food.

About to get married.
More champagne in the bachelor suite.
Waiting outside the men’s room for the rest of the crew.
The founding five. Royal League of Gentlemen’s Sport. My bachelor party 4/12/14
Cristal champagne.
The fountain.
The Royal League of Gentlemen’s Sport, founding member.
The view from my bachelor trip.
Watching a huge group of dolphins frolicking just off point dume in Malibu. What soul cleansing sight.
Finally chasing my wanderlust. Its been too long.
Puro vino por vida.
Breaking down and organizing a $50k wine cellar. Wtf have I gotten myself into!?