A chronicle of adventures and musings of an oenophile, gastronomer and raconteur.

Road trips, ghost towns, classic motorcycles, wine adventures, regrettably fancy cocktails, & too much good food.

LA Fine Wine and Art Storage facility. Note to self. Awesome business model. Open a climate controlled wine storage rental business.
Tasting Nieto Argentina. Torrontes Valle de Cafayete, Salta. Bonarda, Male and Cab blend, Mendoza.
All work, no play.
Terry Theise portfolio tasting.
This guy. Best story teller, restaurateur, ever! Thanks dad.
Then there was one of those days I call “Wanderlust” when I took the convertible for a detour through Nevada. I need one of those days.
This moment in the park with Ryan and Charlotte.
Hosting my Sherry Tasting diner tonight. 6 courses of awesome tapas style pairings. #riveradtla (at Rivera Restaurant)
Tequila Ocho tasting for my staff today #riveradtla  (at Rivera Restaurant)
My #wedding in #tulum
About to get married.
More champagne in the bachelor suite.
Waiting outside the men’s room for the rest of the crew.
The founding five. Royal League of Gentlemen’s Sport. My bachelor party 4/12/14
Cristal champagne.